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We’ve Got You Covered

Comprehensive Insurance

All our vehicles include comprehensive insurance cover with MiWay Business Insurance ensuing peace of mind while travelling.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Each vehicle is equipped with an emergency tracker which automatically alerts us in the case of an accident. 24 hour assistance is available throughout your stay.

Drive Lite Pay Lite

Our Drive Lite Pay Lite concept allows you to save on your overall rental costs by simply driving responsibly by monitoring the fair use of the vehicle throughout your stay.

Daily Rental Rates

11+ Rental Days

ZAR 890.00 per day

3 - 10 Rental Days

ZAR 990.00 per day


Vehicle Insurance

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Unlimited Mileage

Camping Equipment

Onboard WIFI

Drive Light Pay Light Savings

Low Excess Deposit

Drive Lite – Pay Lite

Drive it like you love it and we will reward you for looking after our vehicle!

Vehicle Usage Tracker for a safe vacation to South Africa

Vehicle Usage Tracker

Our vehicle tracker monitors fair usage of our vehicles – speeding, acceleration, breaking e.t.c.

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle usage & vehicle condition assessed on completion of your journey through South Africa.

Earn Cash Back

Earn Cash Back

Up to 5% of your total rental paid back to you based on your usage of the vehicle.

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